Sexual Violence

Dissertation | Motherhood After #MeToo

My dissertation addresses how mothers are engaging with the cultural shift in understandings of sexual violence through parent-child conversations about sexual behavior. This project also examines how mothers’ sense-making strategies are evolving within a race and gender oppressive society.


Covid-19 – Health, Well-Being, and Time Use

As part of the Assessing the Social Consequences of Covid-19 development team, I am examining how Covid-19 has changed how much time people spend alone and the prevalence of family violence.

Time Use

Time Spent Alone in the United States by Gender and Race-Ethnicity

There is growing concern that more people are becoming socially isolated due to the increase in single households and decrease in non-familial social contacts. However, we have little understanding of how these changes manifest in the minutiae of people’s daily lives. In this study, I demonstrate how alone time varies by gender and race-ethnicity by analyzing time diary data from the 2003-2019 American Time Use Survey.


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